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What My Clients Have To Say…

  • We recently booked one of Rodney's Linkedin workshops and he has given us great insight into how LinkedIn should work for our business. As a result have now started the task he suggested into overhauling my Linkedin profile to act as a Lead Generation platform for my business. I definitely recommend getting to one of his courses if you can.

  • John RamseyJohn RamseyApplied ICT

    I recently attended one of Rodney's Linkedin workshops and he has given me a great insight into how LinkedIn should work for my business. As a result have now started the task he suggested into overhauling my Linkedin profile to act as a Lead Generation platform for my business. I definitely recommend getting to one of his courses if you can.

  • Andrew CarletonAndrew CarletonBCS Web Design

    I attended one of Rodney's excellent linkedin training courses yesterday and I could not recommend him highly enough. Comprehensive notes to back up the course and lots of tips and tricks that I will be putting into place in the coming weeks. Good honest advice and I look forward to working with Rodney in the future.

  • Maurice PattonMaurice PattonGrave Concern

    I booked one of Rodney's LinkedIn workshops it was excellent, he was able to give me in plain and simple terms how LinkedIn should work for me in my grave restoration and maintenance business.
    I am now currently refreshing my site to make it a more suitable to generate more clients and contacts in the industry. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rodney, if fact I would say it is an absolute must, if you have a LinkedIn profile

  • Jo McAlisterJo McAlisterReset Stress

    I met Rodney on Tues and he trained me to a level that I was able to transform my Linked-in page. I have very little knowledge of media generally yet he talked me through what I needed to do and how to do it and it all made sense. He was very patient and took the time to go at my pace and kindly offered to answer any questions that may arise whilst I am setting things up. I would highly recommend Rodney as he is extremely knowledgeable but will go at your pace and use terms that are easily understood

  • Rodney is highly proficient in the use of linkedin and in the development of productive linkedin strategies to maximise marketing on this platform.

    As a linkedin coach I have found Rodney to be understanding of my business needs and he has always been quick to respond to me when I have needed his advice.

  • Una CarlinUna CarlinCarlin Creative

    Highly recommend Rodney. He is passionate about and dedicated to helping individuals and businesses succeed by sharing his own learning and knowledge in an informative and accessible way. His latest training endeavour focuses on how to make the most of LinkedIn. Rodney had done all the hard work in how to maximise its benefits so the rest of us don’t have to. First class course

  • Gary DavidsonGary DavidsonAmplifi Solutions

    A true gentleman, with a clear drive to succeed. Keen to share expertise & knowledge in LinkedIn supporting others to explore the full potential of the platform. Rodney is a pleasure to work with & very approachable

  • Neil ThomasNeil ThomasTelecoms NI

    I have been a recent client of Rodney's and would recommend him to anyone or any business wanting to increase their productivity through LinkedIn.
    It is clear he is very knowledgeable and keen to impart that knowledge in order to help you.
    What I especially liked is that he is not only interested in telling you how to do it but keen to help with constructive advice.

  • As someone who has recently worked with Rodney, It is apparent that he is very professional and someone who obviously knows Linkedin very well. He explains matters very clearly and you would know when engaging with him that he cares what happens to his clients!

    I would have no trouble recommending Rodney's Linkedin service to any client or company out there!

  • Mark DuncanMark DuncanTender Ready

    Literally only a few days after implementing what I was taught at Rodney's Linkedin Lead Generation course I had received nearly 50 targeted connection requests and several expressions of interest in my business service. I definitely recommend getting along to one of Rodney's events and taking his advice on how best to use Linkedin.

A self-described ‘Social Media’ Addict, Rodney Doherty has committed himself to educate professionals far and wide on the best use of Linkedin for Business Lead Generation.

Having run his own Marketing Business for seven years and been an active member of ‘Acordia Business Alliance‘ from where he obtained a Mini MBA in Business Administration and Management.

He has spent the last three years engrossing himself in Linkedin.  Hosting talks at places like Belfast City Hall, Ballyclare Chamber of Commerce and Mallusk Enterprise Park and learning from some
of the world’s most noteworthy mentors, along with completing numerous of Linkedin’s own courses.  Rodney now operates under the Business name of ‘Think-Linked.in’

Book your free phone call to see if his one-to-one coaching is the right fit for you – book here.

ps. Revisit this page regularly as it is where any upcoming workshops on Linkedin Optimization techniques will be first advertised.

LInkedin Profile Audit
Audit of your current profile
Guidance on key profile points
Creation of a new summary based on your completed online form
Payment prior to completion and on contact by Think-Linked.in
Linkedin 1-2-1 Training
2 to 3 Hours in person
Detailed guidance on Linkedin Profile
Insider information on Linkedin activity
Advice on Boolean search
Payment on the Day
Linkedin Online Course
6 Months Unlimited Access
Linkedin Profile Optimization Course
Payment on Registration


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