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LinkedIn is responsible for 80% of Business to Business (B2B) leads from social media.

Having a Linkedin presence in this very competitive world is imperative for all business professionals. whether you are a sole trader, a manager, an owner or an entrepreneur, if you don’t have a client-facing, user-friendly and well optimised Linkedin profile that tells people who you are and what you can do for them, you are missing out on great opportunities for your business to grow and succeed.

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Rodney’s training was very insightful, particularly in terms of the ‘small’ details having such a ‘big’ impact to your profile. I would thoroughly recommend.

Philip Milnes
Additude Creative

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Getting the basics correct on Linkedin will give you an advantage over your competition. 

This short checklist will show you just what you need to do.

My aim is to Exceed Your Expectations…

…and with that in mind I am pleased to introduce my newest service.  

Linkedin Account Management

I appreciate how busy most of my clients are, but I also know that it’s essential to remain active with regards to your posting on Linkedin.  In order to help you meet all these requirements I will take on this responsibilty for you!

It’s a surefire way to really enhance your Linkedin reputation and maximise how you use the platform.

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Rodney Doherty
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About Think-Linked.in

Think-Linked.in is owned and operated by Rodney Doherty, Northern Ireland’s only CPD accredited Linkedin Trainer. 

Over the past 5 years Rodney has trained in excess of 250 Business Professionals, helping them to create Linkedin Profiles to portray them as the ‘Go to’ experts in their respective fields.

But it doesn’t just stop there!  Rodney’s training courses and consultations also include educating participants on Linkedin best practices along with several ‘Ninja’ tricks to maximise the effectiveness of any activity of the platform.

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Deciding to use LinkedIn may be the best awakening your business ever has.

Your phone probably has Facebook or twitter apps on it but yet have you ever thought of adding the LinkedIn app.

Ask your business acquaintances if they have the LinkedIn app on their phones and their situations will be similar to yours.

Many business people have mistakenly decided to overlook LinkedIn, they simply haven’t realised how powerful LinkedIn is .

It connects professionals with like-minded people. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, individuals on LinkedIn rarely post selfies accompanied by all sorts of hash tags.

People interacting here do so in a professional setting and for business purposes only.

LinkedIn helps you reach your online marketing goals and places you before a larger audience..  

If you are willing to put in time and effort into creating a LinkedIn profile that stands out, you will have endless possibilities.

 Those that cannot begin to fathom the work that needs to be put into this may consider hiring Think-Linked.in to do it for them.

Highly Optimized Profile

Take advantage of my expertise and create a stunning Linkedin profile that outlines and presents your business or brand to your customers the best way possible. 

Your LinkedIn profile is no longer simply an online resume. It is a platform where you project your professional self to your ideal ‘Target Audience’

 Together we can enhance your professional identity and credibility.

Highly Targetted Engagement

Top businessmen are beginning to hitch onto the uprising trend of this social media and highlight its’ importance – the ability to bridge communication globally, keep in touch with the right connections, and maintain business relationships without having to worry about ‘Gatekeepers’.

So why don’t you surf this wave of success through LinkedIn and start utilizing it fully toward your own needs?

Industry Secret Tactics

Algorithms, Timings & Engagement Pods. The subtle differences in Linkedin on computers, tablets, smartphones. 

Much to the annoyance of our competitors we will provide you with the Industry guarded secrets to these and more.

Our Services

I offer several services designed to help my clients create an enviable reputation that will boost up their online presence and make them highly visible on Linkedin. I will help you to create a profile that will meet the specific needs of your business clientele and can further enhance that with my Linkedin management package.

£45 – Buy Now

Online Training

Looking to take things at an easier pace?

  This Think-Linked.in Signature course is designed in a modular format with 30 simple tasks to complete over 30 days.

When finished you will have a Linkedin profile standing ‘Head and Shoulders’ above those of most of your Industry competitors

£100 – Book Now

One to One Consultation

Do you wish to get your Linkedin account sorted in one session?

  For approximately 2.5 to 3 hours, I will sit with you and together we will create your fully optimised profile. 

I will then explain a few of the platform’s nuances and I guarantee that by the end of our consultation that your Linkedin knowledge shall be greatly enhanced.

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Group Workshops

Have you several staff members or colleagues who would like Linkedin training?  

I offer in-house or off-site interactive workshops or seminars.  These can be held anywhere in the province or even via online meeting platforms if preferred.

I will show your company how to take their brand marketing on Linkedin to the next level!


These are only a few of my many testimonials…see more on MY LINKEDIN PROFILE

“it changed my thinking on how to make the platform work!”

I would have no issues recommending anyone to get in touch with Rodney regarding his Linkedin course. Not only has it changed my thinking on how to make the platform work for me, but the interest he shows by following up with you to ensure you are implementing the information given is second to none. Thanks again Rodney for all your help!

Mervyn Ellis – Employment Law
“I was taken with his level of knowledge and valuable advice”

I previously attended Rodney’s workshop and was really taken with his level of knowledge and valuable advice on how to create a MEANINGFUL LinkedIn presence. His strategy for developing a niche service enabled me to focus on my professional offering to work towards establishing the best version of my business. His straightforward, no-nonsense style ensures optimum focus on YOUR LinkedIn profile

Sinead Kelly – Compliance Consultant
“received nearly 50 targeted connection requests.”

Literally only a few days after implementing what I was taught at Rodney’s Linkedin Lead Generation course I had received nearly 50 targeted connection requests and several expressions of interest in my business service. I definitely recommend getting along to one of Rodney’s events and taking his advice on how best to use Linkedin.

Mark Duncan – Tender-Ready

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