Linkedin's Start-Ups

LinkedIn recently published its third annual Top Startups ranking , showcasing the best US startups to work for in 2019. LinkedIn says it selected 50 companies based on four measures: employee growth, job-seeker interest, member engagement with the company and its employees, and how well these startups pulled talent […]

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5 Ways LinkedIn Advertising Is Different from Other Social Platforms

LinkedIn advertising is not just a fad. It’s rapidly gaining ground as a critical element of the digital advertising mix—and for good reason. There’s plenty of informal marketing channels out there such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. But these platforms are tailored more for our personal digital profile. […]

LinkedIn changes its content algo, thought leadership gets demystified, and email wins

Summary: Why do buyers value thought leadership content – and marketers fail to create it? Will LinkedIn’s algorithm tweak favor your efforts? And can AI help with engaging B2B readers, without alienating them? Here’s my rundown. Yes, it’s time for another gut-check of digital media disruptions – the enterprisey […]

Why Aren't We Talking About Linkedin?

Twitter helps the powerful discover their worst selves and leaves everyone else vulnerable. Facebook brings people together only to subject them to marketing and manipulation. Our social feeds aren’t ready for the 2020 election. None of them are even ready for today . In recent […]